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Trunk or Treat!

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Friday, Oct. 22
(Trunk or Treating starts at 7:00pm)


Cars will be allowed to enter as early as 5PM via the Peterson gate to set up and decorate.  Upon arrival you will be directed to designated space to park your car.  If you need power, you will need to supply it yourself.  Please be creative and have fun but also think safe!  We are recommending you incorporate a chute, slide, basket on stick etc. to help deliver candy/toys to the kids as we are trying to keep social distancing in place.  Please come with a starter supply of candy/toys to get you started.  As the event rolls on the PTO will distribute extra candy/toys to cars which had been donated.  Cars will be required to stay in place till the event is over and not be permitted to leave early for the safety of all.


We need parents to help keep the event running smoothly and safe.  Parents will be needed to help direct cars, keep pods of families spaced out, set up and clean up.  There will be time slot choices when you sign up.

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