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We are a small but mighty group of hard-working parents who do our best to engage and connect all Lockhurst families, students, and teachers to optimize the education, health, and welfare of all Lockhurst Drive Charter Elementary students.

All money donated to our non-profit funds many vital programs for all students.  We also coordinate and sponsor community-building events and partner with our neighborhood schools and businesses to build a stronger community. 

We are an organization comprised of Parents & Teachers committed to being a relevant resource for all Lockhurst families. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment that recognizes and celebrates the diversity and talents of our community. 

It doesn't cost anything but a bit of time to get involved, but if you would like to vote, become an official member below for $10 to make your voice heard.


Myth: The PTO is only for moms or stay-at-home parents.



The PTO is for everyone!


Our volunteers are mothers, fathers, and those who serve as parent figures. Most of our volunteers work full-time, have other children (sometimes older, sometimes younger than grade school age), and have other commitments.


The PTO is for anyone who enjoys being part of a community. 


The PTO is for anyone who wants an excellent school for their children.

Myth: The PTO has all the help they need.


The PTO welcomes everyone and needs volunteers for various events, fundraisers, and committees year-round.


They are so welcoming that they even welcome extended family members as volunteers.

We need you!


Myth: If I attend a meeting, I will get roped to volunteer for something.



While there will be opportunities to get involved, it is your choice to volunteer. If something calls to you, sign up. There is no pressure.


Myth: Volunteering for the PTO takes too much time.



YOU decide how much time you can give. Volunteer for as much or as little as possible—a board position, event, or task.


Any help is greatly appreciated. 


Myth: PTO volunteers need to be at the school during the day.



There is flexibility in the time you choose to volunteer.


Most PTO tasks can be done from home, work or on your schedule. PTO events typically happen in the evening or on weekends. There will be volunteering opportunities during the school day. But again, you decide how much time you can give and when.


If you can’t help during the day, that is okay.


Myth: The PTO has the same volunteers year after year and everyone knows each other. 



We are fortunate to have dedicated volunteers who return annually.


We also welcome new ones and often form friendships as we get to know each other. 

Active PTO members and volunteers know each other because they work on various PTO projects together. We lose volunteers annually as children matriculate to middle school!

All members are friendly and welcoming. Come try it out!


Myth: The PTO has all activities and events planned for the year. 



The PTO brings back favorite activities, fundraisers, and events and tries new ones.


Volunteers contribute new ideas. Share yours!

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