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Teachers & Staff Lounge Makeover

📢Good News Alert📢 We've always wanted to give our Teachers and Staff Lounge a makeover. For years we've tried to win radio contests, applied for grants, & asked for donations. Finally, in October 2021, we received a grant from Walmart. That gave us the motivation and hope we needed. As of last weekend, we completed it with hard work from some fantastic parents with connections and skills! We are so thankful to everyone who helped make this possible (with donations from America's Got Talent, Walmart, Trader Joe's, Tuesday Morning, parents, and PTO).

Committee: Seliene Hacker, Marwa Jad, Danielle Decker Carlos Gonzales, Eve Tronson, Emily & Jimmy Lewis, Jessica McNulty, Jason Hines, Andy & Niki Logan. (Not pictured: Heather Hubble, Jennifer Nelson, Heather Alizadeh, Sarah Estilai, Stephanie Hines, Ryan McNulty)


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