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Slooooow Down...

Parents..... We need your HELP in making the streets around Lockhurst SAFER for our kids.

In the last week alone, multiple complaints have come in regarding things such as illegal u-turns, speeding, double parking, parking in red zones - all violations which not only endanger our kids, but will also earn you a hefty ticket should an LAPD officer witness you doing this.

C'mon, everyone - help us out! There have been some potentially dangerous close calls in the last few days. Please let the safety of our kids be your absolute first priority!


  • Watch your speed! It's 20 MPH max around the school during school hours or anytime kids are present.

  • Cross ONLY at crosswalks - do not let the kids cross in the middle of the street


  • No double-parking

  • No u-turns to nab a great parking spot

  • You CANNOT use someone's driveway as a parking spot

  • When dropping off, do NOT have your child exit on the LEFT-HAND (or driver's side) of your car... have them exit on the RIGHT-HAND (or passenger's) side of the car.

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