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Did you know that your gently worn sneakers could help Lockhurst Elementary? Well, they can and here’s how… Our team is participating in a fundraiser where there is nothing to buy or sell; All we need is your support and your gently worn, used or new sneakers.


We are looking for caring community members to help support us by agreeing to collect 20 pairs of gently worn, used and new sneakers & athletic shoes in the next 2 months.

Drop Off Box located in front of the auditorium pick-up window open during office hours


Here’s how you do it: Start in your family’s closets and gather pairs of sneakers that you’ve outgrown, are out of style, or out of season. If you and your household have 20 pairs, great, if not, don’t worry, please ask your neighbors and/or co-workers to do the same. Every pair counts!


The sneakers that we all collect will help support our program as well as individuals in developing nations like Ghana, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Bolivia.


Can we count on you?


PS: if you can’t collect 20, try for 15,5 or even 1! Every pair helps us make a difference!

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