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Chocolate FUNdraiser Time!

The Lions of Lockhurst PTO has joined forces with World's Finest Chocolates! While participation is voluntary, we hope that you & your child will "opt-in" to participate, as this event will be fun for the kids and will help raise money for some exciting events the PTO has planned (except for 5th grade - profits will be separated, as 5th grade is fundraising for 5th grade events on this one).


KICKOFF is THIS THURSDAY 2/1/18, and your child will have attended a short assembly that day which will outline a variety of fantastic prizes as well as helpful fundraiser safety tips! We hope they come home as excited as we are for this opportunity.  To keep this event simple and fun, we have selected the $1.00 assorted bars (milk chocolate, almond, caramel, crisp, and dark chocolate bars) for the kids to sell. Each box has a pop-out handle and lid that converts the case to a stand-alone display.


Fundraiser Calendar
2/1/2018 - Kickoff- Get excited!!! Assembly Day - Permission Slips go home! If your child is like mine, sometimes the flyers in the backpack do not reach me, so I've attached an extra PDF permission slip below.

2/2/2018-2/16/2018 - Fundraiser Time!!

2/16/2018 - All funds must be returned no later than February 16, 2018. Payment can be either cash or check, with checks being payable to "Lions of Lockhurst Parent Teacher Organization" **No coins, please!


Important Notes & How It Works:

1.  The permission slip must be signed in order for each child to receive a box - please review the permission slip for some handy selling tips as well!


2. Each box has 60 bars in it, so it is valued at $60 ($1 per bar). Once the child signs out the box with a permission slip, they are agreeing to repay $60.00. While there is no upfront payment required (this will allow as many kids to participate as possible), we must note that there are no partial-box returns allowed for health and safety reasons, sorry.


3​. Permission slips get delivered in the morning to YOUR TEACHER! We hope to collect many permission slips on Friday morning to start the first round of box distribution that same day. Chocolate boxes will be distributed by the end of the day to each classroom​, unless you select "I will come to school and pick up 1 case of chocolate myself" on the permission slip​. If you opt to pick up the case directly,​​ please make sure to put a good phone number so that the event coordinator can contact you to make pickup arrangements with you. If your child sells the whole box over the weekend, turn in the box payment on Monday to get an additional box  (whenever you return your payment for your initial box, please indicate if you want an additional box delivered that day to sell) The more your child sells, the more prizes they can earn!

Thank you for your support! So proud of our Lockhurst -Lion Pride! Thanks to our amazing Lockhurst families, we believe this fundraiser will be a ROAR-ing success!



The Lions of Lockhurst Parent Teacher Organization

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