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Hands in the Soil

About Lions of Lockhurst PTO

We are a small, but a mighty, group of hard-working parents who do our best to engage and connect all Lockhurst families, students, and teachers to optimize the education, health, and welfare of all Lockhurst Drive Charter Elementary students.

All money donated to our non-profit contributes to the funding of many important programs for all students.  We also coordinate and sponsor community-building events, and partner with our neighborhood schools and businesses to build a stronger community. 

We are an organization made up of Parents & Teachers committed to being a relevant resource for all Lockhurst families and are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment that recognizes and celebrates the diversity and talents of our community. 

During the school year, you'll see the Lions of Lockhurst PTO coordinating school spirit events and fundraising activities.  Come join us!  

And don't forget - all that we do, we do with your help!  Please consider being part of the PTO and don't forget to donate to our annual Student Fund.

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